How to Use Casino SEO Marketing to Your Advantage

Of all of the ways to advertise an internet gambling venue, casino SEO marketing is one of the most powerful. It uses what is known as search engine optimization to ensure that your establishment's name ranks highly with major websites like Google and Bing. The more highly it is ranked, the more visitors you will get - and more visitors means more money!

Determining Relevancy

In order to determine what is relevant to the keywords that someone enters into the fields, sites like Google, Bing and even Yahoo! will scan every single page on the internet (a truly amazing feat) with programs that are commonly known as spiders or crawlers. These programs look for the specific words entered by the person performing the search, but they also look at things like how the words in a phrase are ordered and the density at which they occur in a piece of text.

Determining Your Keywords

If you are interested in casino SEO marketing, then you will need to take some time to come up with some unique phrases that people who are looking to gamble might plug into these fields. For instance, rather than simply using "play poker", you might choose to use a phrase like "play Hold'Em poker online" as this contains the most common words but introduce new words to improve the results.

White and Black Hat Usage

Your chosen phrases can also be classified as "white hat" or "black hat". In the former, you will get increased visibility over a long period of time. With the latter, you will get a huge surge of visibility that fades over time. To compare, the density of your chosen phrasing should be at 3% to 5% of the text in the white hat scenario. With the black hat option, your density could be far more, but keep in mind that the engines that ultimately determine the relevancy will often ignore text if the density is too high.